Sophie’s 2 months old, Thad’s officially a big boy, and Gwennie has a black eye!

Here’s a bunch of random thoughts and therefore an update on us DeYoungs:

Each week we go to Walmart on Thursday mornings and get all of the food/toiletries/fun stuff that we need for that week.  We get two medium Icees at the McDonalds in the store before we start our trip for a total splurge each week of exactly $3.25.  This week the girl working at McDonalds had our Icees ready for us when we got to the front of the line!  That cracked me up!  I guess I’m pretty predictable.

This is a test of the DeYoung family emergency system.  This is only a test.  And I can’t say we passed with flying colors.  On Tuesday night I was going to take the kids swimming at my folks’ golf club pool so Nick could go back into work and my mom would watch Sophie.  That was plan A.  As we were putting the kids in their car seats Nick noticed a flat tire.  Ok, plan B.  Nick gets the tire fixed quickly at Walmart and then we head on over to the pool.  Walmart doesn’t fix flats if the hole is too close to the edge.  What the?!?!  Ok, plan C.  We use our spare (didn’t realize we had one until after plan B was already a failure) and go swimming and get the flat fixed the next day.  The spare was flat too.  Are you kidding me?!?!  Ok, plan D.  We put the two big kids in the Civic and Nick forfeits his work night to watch Sophie since it’s the only night this week that the big kids could go swimming.  Somebody pooped in the pool so it’s closed.  %$@#@!^$&*$  Ok, plan E.  (Has anybody even heard of getting to plan E?)  We run through the sprinklers at Grammie and Papa’s house for a little bit before heading home so Nick can go on into the office.  NOBODY WILL GO IN THE SPRINKLERS!  I give up.  We have snacks inside instead and call it a crazy, fun, ridiculous evening.  Started out stressful but ended up hilarious – how many things can go wrong in one hour?

Sophie turned 2 months old on Sunday and had her checkup yesterday.  Complete with 3 shots – two in one leg, one in the other = youch!  She did great though and is recuperating nicely.  She weighs 11 pounds 8 ounces and is 22 inches long.  That puts her in the 70-75th percentile.  It also makes her our little peanut compared to chunko Gwennie and giganto Thad.  Thad was over a pound lighter at birth and over a pound heavier at 2 months old – sheesh.  However, he ate pretty much 24/7 and Sophie sleeps a blissful 6-7 hours each night.  I’ll gladly take the sleep over the chunk.  🙂

Thad is officially a big boy now.  There are several things he’ll have to do himself when he’s at school so we’ve been practicing.  He can open his own cheesestick now and even puncture the straw into his Capri Sun – quite a feat, many adults can barely accomplish this task!  He can also buckle himself into his carseat which is not easy considering it’s a Britax 5 point harness and not just a simple booster seat.  Yea for Thad – you’re ready for Kindergarten.  Starts in less than 5 weeks.  Thad’s ready, mom’s NOT!

Gwennie fell out of bed last night and landed on a toy and got a black eye.  Sounds tragic but not really.  She sleeps with a body pillow on the outside of her bed to prevent such a fall but she was wide awake, playing and leaned over the pillow to get a toy on the floor and fell overboard.  Poor thing.  Learned a good lesson though!  🙂

In a nutshell – Nick and I are enjoying life and our kids – they crack us up everyday and we are SO incredibly thankful for the three of them!


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  1. Hi Sarah.. I cant believe everything that went wrong.. that is crazy!…you certainly are a blessed family…I cant wait to come out there and see you all.. i dont know when that will be hopefully before fall thats for sure.. i dont have too much work right now but I am crazily busy with a project Im working on with Uncle Don. Life is good in the mountains. Sara loves it here and is doing well. Mike.. Mike is Mike.. he is such a cool kid… he is becoming a very good furniture builder.. He and I have a booth at a local artisans barn and are enjoying filling it with our creations.. Mary is working her behind off. She is building her home cleaning business and has over 20 -25 homes she takes care of, Sara works for her… Mary also does catering and has a big dinner coming up soon.. The old guys on the mountain say she is the best cook up here.. they especially like her ribs… if I get out there we will fix them.. youll love it… got to go.. love you all.. dad

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