Kid quirks and can this really be happening already?!

Thad’s baby quirk – The little guy pooped with every feeding and he ate just about every hour or two around the clock for 16 weeks and every 3 hours after that.  Made for a LOT of diaper changes!

Gwennie’s baby quirk – She was our little spitter-upper.  As in projectile spit up after each feeding.  Lots and lots and lots of spit up.  Made for a LOT of outfit changes!

Sophie’s baby quirk – Turns out she’s our little drooler.  She chews and sucks on her hands ALL the time and just drools constantly!  I simply cannot express to you the amount of drool that comes out of her, it’s insane.  Can a two month old be teething?  No teeth yet, just TONS of drool.

Lastly, we can no longer leave Sophie alone on a couch or bed.  All parents reach this point when their little one starts rolling over.  Most babies roll over at around 4 months.  Here’s the deal – Sophie’s not rolling over (not consistently yet anyway) she’s SCOOTING!!!  She’s actually mobile!  She scoots around on her back.  How many 2 month olds do that?!  We’re in shock.  It’s cute and crazy.  We just can’t get enough of this little cutie – of all our cuties!


One Response

  1. Hallo Sarah,
    thats the way it goes, every baby is faster than the one before. You’ll see, the next one will be walking out of your tomb hahaha
    My little niece is now 4 weeks old and has changed so much!!! It’s funny how much you forget about your own kids, but i can still change diapers on a newborn, yes!!
    Say hello to the rest of your great family!!
    Greetings from Germany
    Sandra & Co.

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