9 days to Kindergarten

Only 9 days until Thad starts kindergarten.  I can’t help thinking about it.  I’m going to miss him so incredibly much.  Gwen and I aren’t going to know what to do with ourselves.  We are definitely going to go through Thad withdrawal the first few weeks.  Ugh, my heart is so heavy.  I know he’ll have fun and learn way more than I could teach him and I’m trying to be brave for Thad (who’s so excited he could pop!) but it’s just not going to be the same without him around all day.  Life goes by too fast.  I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when our youngest leaves for kindergarten or COLLEGE!  Wow, one thing at a time Sarah.

Also, we took a GREAT mini vacation this past weekend to Rogers.  Whoopie!  A whoppin’ 45 minutes away!  But we stayed in a really nice hotel and ate out and swam a lot and just had a BLAST in the hotel room.  We took pictures and I’ll post that update soon.


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