DeYoung family fall update

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since we last updated this but if you only knew how busy those 2 months have been!  Let me fill you in.  In our last update we told you about Thad’s first day of school.  He is still loving it and actually went on his first field trip (and bus ride!) today to a pumpkin patch.  His teacher is great and he’s starting to read!  Suddenly he wants to know every word he sees and he’s like a sponge.  He’s sounding out words and it’s just so awesome to see someone learn to read.  I’ve never been a part of that before and just can’t get enough.  I’m bursting with pride!  Each day he comes home and proudly shows me his daily behavior chart and it’s always a thumbs-up day.  Always!  I just can’t get over what a great kid he is.  I have had a very hard time with Thad being gone all day.  It’s way harder than I expected.  I’m adjusting but it’s still really difficult.  Every day Gwennie asks “When’s it time to pick Bubba up?  I miss him!”  Me too!  I know we made the right decision to send him to public school and it’s comforting to know he’s enjoying it and doing so well but I still really miss him.  Gwennie is enjoying all the new attention though.  I thought she’d be lost without him (and she clearly does miss him) but she likes getting to watch what she wants and do whatever she wants to do.

In late August we decided to put our house on the market.  We’d tried to sell our house ourselves a little over a year ago and had 37 people look at it and not a single offer.  That was a bummer.  We knew that the $8000 1st time homebuyer credit ends in December and that our house was the perfect 1st home so we thought we’d jump on that bandwagon.  This time we knew we should go with a realtor.  So in early September we listed the house and two weeks later we had two offers!  After a little countering we agreed on a price with one of the buyers and will close on the 30th.  Crazy!  We totally never expected it to happen that fast.

The first two days it was on the market we showed it 4 times and all this right as Nick’s mom came down for a visit.  We had a great time with Grandma Becky and were so sad to see her go.

So now we have started packing.  We knew that with 6 full weeks to pack, we could make it an organized move.  Is there really such a thing?  I feel like we’re living in organized chaos.  In the midst of all the house selling and packing we started another season of soccer and now we have 2 out of 3 playing soccer.  Thad is in the under 6 league and Gwennie started iddy biddy soccer.  Gwen’s is already over and she did a great job!  Thad’s is still in full swing and he’s also doing great.  He’s a little timid about trying to take the ball away but he’s super fast so if he can break away, he does great.

All was well, crazy but well.  Then two weeks ago tonight Thad said he didn’t feel good but we thought he just wanted to skip his soccer game.  The next morning he seemed tired still but he went to school cheerfully.  I took him out of school early that day as a surprise to go to the apple festival with my mom, me, Gwennie and Sophie.  We had a LOT of fun but after a ride on the train his eyes were bright red.  I mean BRIGHT RED!  That is usually a sign that he has a fever but when I asked him he said he got train smoke in his eyes.  He felt warm but we were leaving anyway so we went on home and he even sang on the way home.  When we got home he had a fever of 102.1 and went straight to sleep for hours.  Gwennie felt fine so she got to go with my folks to the high school homecoming football game – a very special treat for her.  She and my mom ran into all the cheerleaders in the bathroom primping before the game and Gwennie was elated.  The homecoming court also went on the field before the game and she thought they were all princesses.  Too cute!  The next day Thad was REALLY sick and Gwennie went downhill super fast in the afternoon.  Their fevers never went over 102.6 and came down quickly with tylenol so we rode it out for a few days.  We quarantined Sophie to our bedroom and put the gate up in our doorway so the kids couldn’t even get close to her.  By Wednesday the fevers were mostly gone (only getting in the 100 range) but they still seemed pretty miserable so I took them to the doctor and he tested them for the flu.  It came back positive for flu type A – SWINE FLU!!!  According to the doctor, a positive type A is basically a positive for swine flu since it’s this early in the season.  My greatest fear this fall had come true!  Fortunately, the worst was over.  There wasn’t anything we could give them at that point, just a lot of love and tylenol.  But we did get a cough medicine with codeine in it to help them sleep.  And did they ever!  Within a few days they were back to their normal selves but we stayed home and away from everybody just to give their little immune systems a chance to recuperate and get back up to 100%.

Thus, we have survived the swine flu!  Thankfully Nick (who was quickly put on tamiflu just in case) and I (who can’t take it because I’m nursing) and Sophie (way too little to be on any meds) never got sick at all.  Praise the Lord!  I’m kind of glad they did get it and did fine with it because now they’re naturally immune to it.  I thought it would be much worse.  The weekend they had it the worst was the weekend 19 kids died from it so I kind of feel like we dodged a bullet.

Now Thad’s back in school (he missed all of last week) and our schedules are slowly returning to normal.  As normal as packing and moving 5 people and 2 dogs to who-knows-where-next can be.

We’ve looked at a TON of homes for sale because now is a great time to buy but nothing quite stands out to us.  There was one home we really liked but they wouldn’t budge on the price and it’s WAY over priced.  We’ve looked at a few really old homes but aren’t sure we’re really fixer-upper kind of people.  The newer homes are nice but kinda small.  Do you go for the giant/old/cheap house that might turn into a money pit or the small/newer/expensive house that we might feel cramped in?  Right now we decided to find a super cheap rental and wait for a few more homes to come on the market.  We’re in no rush to buy.  Thankfully, we have found a cheap duplex that has a fence and will allow dogs.  Those three things were hard to come by all in one place.  We check it out tomorrow so I hope it’s livable.

We’re using the money we make in the sale of this house to pay off a large student loan and will be DEBT FREE.  WOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!  Words cannot describe how great it will feel to have that hideous monkey off our backs.  To celebrate, we hope to go to Silver Dollar City in November.  We were planning to go to Disney World when we paid off the student loan but have decided to wait until we’re done having kids and the youngest is old enough to walk and enjoy it too so SDC will have to do for now.  Plus we need all the funds we can get for a down payment on the next house.

All in all life is AWESOME.  Crazy and busy and hectic but great.  The kids are healthy again (and thankfully alive!) and we’re moving on to the next step in life and hopefully a bigger house after a drastic but temporary downsizing.

Real quick, before I go, I’ve given you a good update about Thad and his school and soccer but now I’ve got to tell you how wonderful our little girls are.  Sophie just turned 5 months old and is just a JOY!  She is definitely the smiliest (is that a word?) baby we’ve had and just adores her older siblings.  She erupts with laughter at Gwennie and talks to Thad more than anybody.  She’s rolling over and almost sitting up and sleeps okay at night.  Not great at that yet but we’re working on it.  She smiles more than the other two did but sleeps WAY less.  I’m pooped.  Gwennie is a hoot.  She’s an emotional, active, funny, sweet, hyped up 3 year old.  I was afraid for a little while there that she was strong willed but it turned out she was sleep deprived too.  Turns out she’s a light sleeper and when Gwennie doesn’t get sleep – ain’t NOBODY happy!  That has since been fixed though.  Here are some awesome quotes from Gwennie lately:

At the news that Thad had school-work sent home from school to catch up on – “What’s homework?” (oh to be so naive!) followed almost immediately by “Thad, you GET to do HOMEWORK!”  (she was genuinely ecstatic at the idea)  And here’s a great one – “When I grow up I want to be a duck.”

There’s my update.  I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  Please comment – I enjoy that.  We may be offline for a while during the move so it could very well be after the holidays (as in January!) before any other updates are posted.  In the meantime, please pray for us as we move and God bless you!


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  1. Wow, girl, I just found your blog. It was fabulous to read such a long update. 🙂 Glad you were able to sell your home. My folks are putting their gorgeous 3-story house the market in a couple of months. I love their house. Any chance you could buy it?? 🙂

    The updates on the kids are great. Such sweet ages– so many firsts for babies, toddlers, and new-school-kids.

    Update again when you can. I’d love to stay in touch.

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