Birthday season almost over

5 birthdays in 2 months keeps us SUPER busy!  First it was Thad’s 6th birthday on March 21st and we celebrated at the movie theater with a bunch of his friends.  We all saw How to Train Your Dragon and loved it!  Then it was Nick’s 34th birthday on April 22nd.  Then it was my 34th birthday on May 2nd.  Then we celebrated Sophie’s 1st birthday on May 12th.  As you can see from the picture below – she relished her chocolate cake!  Yesterday, May 24th, we celebrated Gwennie’s 4th birthday with a small family party but will have a big pool party on Saturday with all of her friends.  She is having a How to Train Your Dolphin party (her idea and I thought it was very creative!) at the water park and so far it looks to be hot and dry – perfect!  Throw in our 12th wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day both on May 9th and we’re exhausted!  That’s a LOT of parties and a LOT of fun for one family!  Next week Thad finishes Kindergarten and we’re going to Silver Dollar City for a day and White Water the next day.  I think we’re going to just crash when we get back and settle in for a nice, relaxing, fun summer.

Sophie's 1st birthday - two little blue eyes peeking out from all the chocolate


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