Fall re-cap

Well, between evening sickness and just the normal busyness of life, it’s been pretty much forever since we updated the site so here’s a fall recap.  

Gwennie is 2 and a half tomorrow (11/24) and actively potty training.  She’s 35 inches tall and 32 pounds and wears a size 8 shoe!  She loves to talk (absolutely non-stop!) and wrestle with her “Bubba” but is especially talented at being a little mommy to her countless baby dolls.  She’s convinced that she’s having a baby too and can’t wait for her little sister (she agrees with me that it’s just got to be a girl) to be here.  She’s already looking forward to holding the baby on her shoulder and rocking it in her rocker and singing to it.  That’s what she told me Thursday.  Too sweet!  Too fun!

Thad is 4 and a half and so close to reading!  He’s 42.5 inches tall and 42 pounds and wears a size 12 shoe!  He’s already in a size 6 clothing! He is such a big boy now and proves it on a daily basis.  He can write his name in all caps or lower case and knows all his letters and can count to 50.  He can see his face in our bathroom mirror he’s so tall and can help himself to many snacks without any spills at all.  He’s still “all boy” and his favorite thing to do is wrestle with Daddy.  He also loves to pretend like he’s different animals all day long.  Sometimes I feel like I live at the zoo!  He’s like a sponge when it comes to animals wanting to know their proper names (it’s not just a monkey it’s a spider monkey or howler monkey – that one was especially great, thanks a lot Uncle Jeff! – or a bonobo, etc.) and what sound they make and what they eat and how they move and sleep and drink and the list goes on and on.  I’ve learned more about mammals, reptiles, fish, etc than I ever thought possible!  He’s also doing great at Awana Cubbies and is in the Jumper track this year.  He’s excited about starting preschool in the spring.  His school is called the “Panther Preschool” because the school meets at the high school and they are the panthers.  Thad seriously thought he was going to learn how to be a panther and was just stoked for days.  I finally had to burst his bubble but he’s still excited about learning.  🙂

Sarah is 15.5 weeks along today and feeling awesome again!  I’m so thankful that I never threw up once (haven’t yet with all 3 pregnancies, fingers crossed) and life is great.  I still teach the toddler class at a church nearby on Wednesday mornings and Nick and I are teaching our kid’s church class for the next few weeks.  The really big news is that come January 1st I will officially be a stay-at-home mommy and I could not be more excited about it!  I can’t wait to be able to focus on my job as a mommy and devote myself to them entirely.  YEA!!!!!  

Nick is doing very well and looking forward to the holidays.  His colonoscopy went well Friday and we’re glad that’s over for another 3 years.  The doctor didn’t see any cancer but could only get about a third of the way through when he had to stop because a stricture that was caused by Nick’s Crohn’s prevented him from going further.  We’ll have to wait to see if further tests are needed in order to view the remaining two thirds of colon.  Hopefully not!  Nick is preaching on 12/14 and leading two small groups in church (a Financial Peace University class Sun nights and a Nooma class during Sunday school) and produces our weekly church bulletin and has just rejoined the Elder board so needless to say, he’s pretty involved in church!  That’s just the way he likes it!

Here are some recent fall photos of the kids playing in the leaves in our front yard one day after church, their Christmas portraits, and also our Christmas photo that we took this past week.  We hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!  We are truly blessed and have so much for which to be thankful!!!!!

God bless you, 





Thad’s poem about a bug

“Once upon a time there was a little bug.

He liked to stand on a rug.

One day he saw a little girl.

On her head were lots of curls.

He bit her on the knee.

Because he was a FLEA!”


Again, sticking with the bug theme from the library.  This time we had to write a poem about a bug.  Thad came up with the first line all by himself.  Then I encouraged him to come up with a word that rhymed with bug and he said rug.  Then he came up with the second line again all by himself.  The third line was his too and I helped him come up with a word that rhymed with girl.  The 4th line was pretty much all me.  The last two lines were all his though!  I was SO proud!  We had fun doing it too.  Gwennie (the most verbal of us all) stood and watched us like we were speaking a foreign language.  Her expression cracked me up!  Hope you are all enjoying your summers!

Thad’s short story

We’re doing the summer reading program at the local library and it’s all about bugs this summer.  One of the activities we could do was write a short story (about 100 words).  We were given the first sentence and I let Thad take over from there.  I wrote down (as fast as I could) everything he said so this is his story, verbatim:

“When I got home, my pet tarantula was missing.  I couldn’t find the spider!  So I was saying, “Where’s my spider?!”  And I was saying “How about I find it” because it was missing.  And I couldn’t find it.  But then Gwennie found it.  Gwennie found it right on a spider web that was on the ceiling in my room.  It was a purple spider web and it was yucky and all gooey and there was a car on it too and I thought that was so funny and I laughed HARD!  HA!  HA!  HA!  And the spider laughed too.  I said, “Good job finding the spider Gwennie!”  Then I told the spider, “Hello Spider!”  The end.

Disclaimer – This is all PURE fiction!

2008 T-Ball Season

Well, we just finished up our first official T-Ball season. Thad played on the Minor League T-Ball Tigers, and I was the coach. (Can you believe it? I never got into sports when I was a little squirt, but here I am coaching!)

Picture this, eleven 4 and 5 year olds batting (hitting the tee 4 or 5 times before knocking the ball off, catching (sort of) and running around the bases (hopefully in the right direction). We never kept score, all the kids got to hit once every inning, and no outs. I’m not sure if we won or lost our games. But who cares. 

Here are a few pic’s from the season. 

Portraits of the kids

Here are the latest protraits we had taken of the kids on 4/19/08.  Thad was 4 years and 1 month old and Gwennie was almost 23 months old.  They did very well!  They both LOVE having their pictures taken.  As soon as I get the camera out at home they both start making the cheesiest smiles and funny faces and love to see the instant results.  It was a little different at the studio because they didn’t know the photographer but they warmed up quickly.  Enjoy!

Thad’s birthday

Here are some shots from Thad’s birthday party.  We had a total BLAST!  The theme was “camp out” and we set up tents and posters of animals and had our Welcome to DeYoung National Park sign out front to welcome everyone.  The weather was nice and dry with a high in the upper 50s and a light breeze.  It was chilly but the kids all played hard enough to work up a sweat.  The kids (we had 12 of them) started off fishing.  Then we went on a “hike” and checked out all the animals and had a snack.  Then we played pin the tail on the pack mule while Daddy grilled hot dogs for everyone.  They were super yummy!  After dinner we opened presents in the big tent.  After presents we all roasted marshmallows and had s’mores for dessert.  A perfect end to a perfect party!  

You know it’s time to get your hair done when…

Thad and I were watching Clifford this morning while we ate our breakfasts and one of the characters told Clifford that he loved Clifford’s red hair.  Here is a bit or our dialogue: Sarah – Thad, I love YOUR red hair!Thad – Mommy, I love your BLACK hair!Sarah – My hair’s not black honey, it’s light brown. Thad (patting his head) – Not on top it isn’t!  I think it’s time to get my roots touched up!  🙂