Summer recap

Really, the question is, “What DIDN’T we do this summer?”  I made a list of all the things I wanted us to do as a family back in May and we were able to cross just about every item off the list!  Here are some of the things we did and a few pictures too.

Went to Silver Dollar City and White Water – a very fun weekend in Branson with Grammie and Papa.

Nick and I took dancing lessons and discovered that we are pretty stinkin’ good!  I think it’s safe to say we got our groove on.

Thad attended basketball camp at JBU and loved every minute of it.  We were graciously given a nice basketball hoop by our neighbors so Nick and Thad are in heaven.

Went camping at Beaver Lake and had a blast!  We came home and immediately made reservations for the best campsite in mid-September.  Looking forward to that!

Went to 2 Naturals games and we were able to thoroughly enjoy ourselves despite the ridiculous heat.

Celebrated Christmas in June complete with fake tree, chili and cornbread, and one present for each kid.  This is an annual tradition for us and is always lots of fun.

Nick preached twice this summer and did a superb job each time.  I am so incredibly proud of my husband!

Saw Toy Story 3 with Thad and Gwennie and we all really enjoyed it.

Went Hiking at Devil’s Den and had WAY too much fun wading in the creek and throwing rocks in the water after our picnic.  We pretty much had the park to ourselves!

Went to the dentist way more times that I want to remember.

Gwennie got her ears pierced!  She was insanely brave and they look great.  I’m so proud of her!

Went swimming countless times and never once did anybody get sunburned.  Yeah!

Spent a week in Michigan!  We went to the zoo; visited Nick’s grandpa; played with cousins; had an amazing day at the beach; hung out with Nick’s brother Zach and our sister-in-law Katie and Nick’s mom, Becky; and just had an all-around awesome vacation!  The kids did super well in the car, especially now with the dvd players in the back (best Father’s Day gift Nick ever got).

Went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Walton Arts Center and we were all thoroughly impressed.  It was quite a production!  I think if we lived in NYC I would be addicted to Broadway!

Thad lost his first tooth!  Came out while he was eating a crouton.  The tooth fairy (he insists is a boy) left him a $1.  I’m pretty sure that’s a whole lot more than the tooth fairy left me.  We were all so proud of him!

Now Thad has started first grade and Gwennie is anxiously awaiting the start of preschool in the spring.  All in all it was a perfect summer and we had way too much fun!  I promise to write more frequently now.  I was just a little busy this summer.  I plan to post more pictures very soon because Katie took some awesome pics of the kids in MI.  That’s all for now though.  More to come very soon!


Birthday season almost over

5 birthdays in 2 months keeps us SUPER busy!  First it was Thad’s 6th birthday on March 21st and we celebrated at the movie theater with a bunch of his friends.  We all saw How to Train Your Dragon and loved it!  Then it was Nick’s 34th birthday on April 22nd.  Then it was my 34th birthday on May 2nd.  Then we celebrated Sophie’s 1st birthday on May 12th.  As you can see from the picture below – she relished her chocolate cake!  Yesterday, May 24th, we celebrated Gwennie’s 4th birthday with a small family party but will have a big pool party on Saturday with all of her friends.  She is having a How to Train Your Dolphin party (her idea and I thought it was very creative!) at the water park and so far it looks to be hot and dry – perfect!  Throw in our 12th wedding anniversary and Mother’s Day both on May 9th and we’re exhausted!  That’s a LOT of parties and a LOT of fun for one family!  Next week Thad finishes Kindergarten and we’re going to Silver Dollar City for a day and White Water the next day.  I think we’re going to just crash when we get back and settle in for a nice, relaxing, fun summer.

Sophie's 1st birthday - two little blue eyes peeking out from all the chocolate

Zoo photos

We had a blast at the zoo with our friends, the Haaks on Tuesday (3/23) of spring break.  Here are some photos:

A bunch of new photos of the kids

Here’s a bunch of recent photos of the kiddos taken over the last couple of weeks.  During spring break we had a blast playing on the playground in the backyard, building snowmen, going to the zoo and just hanging out.  Gwennie has also started taking classical ballet lessons and loves it.  That’s actually a major understatement – she ADORES it!  We’re all healthy and doing great, enjoying spring!  Can’t wait for Uncle Zach, Aunt Katie, and cousins Elise and Emmy to come visit this weekend for Easter.  Pics of that will be up soon.  Happy Easter everyone!  Christ the Lord is risen today – HALLELUJAH!!!!

Daddy/Daughter Dance

On February 6th Nick took Gwennie on a date to the Daddy/Daughter dance put on by the Siloam Springs Parks and Rec.  Gwennie was a little hesitant at first because she just didn’t know what to expect but once she got all dressed up, she got REALLY into it!  Nick came to the house (he got dressed at work) to pick her up for their date and even presented her with a precious pink corsage.  They danced the night away and had a GREAT time!  Here are a few pics from their special night.

A winter wonderland!

Here are some pictures we took this weekend of Thad and Gwen playing in the snow and Sophie playing indoors.  It was a great, snowy weekend!

Summertime in the wintertime

Sophie, Thad, and Gwennie playing in Thad's toy barn this weekend