Family vacation

Last weekend (8/8-9) we went on a mini vacation.  Here’s how it all started: I was desperate to get out of the house at least a tiny bit this summer and Nick agreed we could do something.  However, Sophie hates her car seat and can’t go further than about an hour away so our options were limited.  We decided to splurge and stay one night at the Embassy Suites in Rogers and swim in the indoor pool – it was close to 100 degrees that weekend so an indoor pool was awesome!  We had a blast in the REALLY NICE hotel room and had fun eating out and just goofing off.  The hotel had a “shoppers package” where you get a $20 gift card to the local fancy outdoor mall so we used that to get the kids some stuffed animals (Thad got a snow leopard and Gwennie got a puppy) at the Build A Bear store.  They thought that was just the coolest thing!  The kids all slept GREAT after such an eventful day – praise the Lord!  We slept in and then went down to the breakfast which was amazing.  Cooked to order omelets, huge waffles, all sorts of goodies.  We swam some more then had to head home.  All in all it was a terrific mini vacation and we decided to make it a tradition.  Every August we’re going to come back for one night just before school starts for one last summer hurrah.

On that school note – we had Thad’s open house tonight and it went great.  His teacher was super sweet and the room is decorated in a beach theme which suits us perfectly!  Thad was so excited he was giddy.  I can’t believe he starts school Wednesday!  I’m so happy for him and sad for me.  It will be just us girls all day now.  It will be fun but just not the same without Thad.  He’s my little sweetheart, my helper, my snuggler, my little guy.  Okay, I’ve got to stop, I’m going to start crying.  Moving on – he asked me as we drove away from the school tonight, “What did you think about my class, Mom?”  I told him I LOVED it.  He said, “Me too!  And I really like my teacher!”  He’s going to be just fine!


Florida vacation – Naval Air Museum

We just spent the morning touring the Naval Air Museum in Pensecola (spelling) Florida. Lots of fun stuff to see and we highly recommend coming to see it. Here are a few photos to mark the occasion.

Kansas City trip

A few weeks back I was able to take the family with me as I went on a busines trip to KC. As I went to training the three of them spent their days on the town, or swimming in the hotel pool. I am testing a photo loaded from my phone, there will be more photos to follow.
Quick add of another photo taken at a local fashion show our DaySpring crew attended during the training. As you can see, “baby” is coming into fashion.

Our Summer Vacation

We just got back from a summer trip to Michigan.  Here is a collage of photos to tell our story. We headed out on Saturday morning enjoying the ride in Sarah’s parent’s mini-van! What a blessing that was to borrow. Thank you so much Mom and Dad. Not only did we enjoy more room (which equals taking more stuff with us), but the van had a DVD player to boot! What a life saver for small children with short attention spans. We took 24 of the kids movies and watched just about all of them during our week long trip. We stayed the night in a hotel on the way up and back (another blessing for us). From now on we will be breaking up our long trips into two days!Highlights from Michigan (as seen in pictures): 

  • Seeing our new baby niece Emerson! 
  • Being in Michigan during the summer! (no snow as far as the eye could see)
  • Building sandcastles on the beach with cousin Elise.
  • Going to our favorite restaurant, Clementine’s, in South Haven (traditional family stop) .
  • Spending the morning with the kids Great Grandpa. We love you!
  • Visiting the Binder Park Zoo  in Battle Creek.
  • Playing with  Uncle Mike, Aunt Sara, and Grandma Becky. We love you lots!
  • Playing with Elise all week long! 
  • Being away from work for 9 days!
  • Everything else we got to do. Michigan Vacation

California Adventure

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