May 2, 1976

Pop – caffeine free coke
Candy – milkduds
Dessert – chocolate cream cheese layer dessert
Restaurant – anything new, especially Italian
Meal – baked stuffed mannicotti with a nice salad and garlic bread (steak is good too!)
Movie – Pollyanna, Return to Me, Annie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Color – turqouise blue
Shape – circle
Number – 4
Cookie – chocolate chip
Cereal – homemade granola
Brownie – turtle
Chips – funyuns
Pie – fresh strawberry
Cake – devil’s food with chocolate frosting
Veggie – peas
Gum – eclipse spearmint
Mint – mentos
Place to go with Nick – Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy (although Tuscany would do just fine)
Place to go with the kids – the beach (or the pool)
Place to be by myself – the bathtub with Moonlight Path bubble bath


One Response

  1. Hi Sarah…..I like that pic of you and the kids.. what a great photogragher you hired…. I made a fresh strawberry pie for Mary to sell at Marys Cafe…. that sounds good right now I should have grabbed one to take home tonight…. you sure have cute kids… a family to be proud of thats for sure…we love you and are thankfull you are a member of our family….. dad

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